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We promote American products in Africa and furnish American industries with Africa natural resources.

We ship American products to Africa

From cars, to electronics, to building materials, to clothes, we can help American companies penetrate the African market by exporting their products and executing the necessary actions for them to sell them and have a representation in this region.


You want to penetrate the African market and get your products distributed, that’s what we do best !

We bring natural resources to America

If you need raw materials for your industry or any other natural resources to run your business, then Africa is the place you need to look for. Not only we have everything you need here but at a price that will surprise you.


You need to understand the African market and plan your penetration, let us conduct the consulting services necessary to get you ready.


The need for American products is growing in Africa. American cars are preferred by drivers who do not hesitate to get them from auctions sellers. Electronics, building materials, IT services and many others are loved in Africa. However, there is one issue, most of these products do not have official representations in Africa.
Day after day, American food stores are opening to sell everything from Gatorade, Pringles, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr Peppers, Neutrogena…
Aware of the impact an organized chain of distribution of American products to different regions of Africa would make, Global Trading Group LLC was created to put that in place.
That’s where Global Trading Group LLC come in play to facilitate the implementation of American companies with a representation in this region. In fact, we will help you penetrate the African market and distribute your products.
If you are a startup, a small business, or an industry, whatever your size might be, we can help you penetrate the African Market.
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We understand the African market. We know the environment and understand the culture. One advantage of Africa is that we have sun all year long. Not only it is great for energy, but it also benefits other areas such as agriculture, fishing, and others.

We know industries need raw materials to get their finished products and that, we have plenty in Africa. We can get you the best quality materials from Africa to the USA at a price that would beat any competition. As you may already know, the better the raw materials price is, the better your profit will be.

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Global Trading Group LLC is a company registered in South Carolina. We have offices in Sumter, South Carolina for the American region and our African office is in Dakar, Senegal for the African region. GTG was created by a young entrepreneur who lived in the United States. After he graduated from college, he decided to go back to Africa.


Having launched since then a few startups including ecommerce websites, eLearning firm, and many others, he realized the demand of American products in the continent and the potential of Africa that could be very beneficial to American corporations.


Global Trading Group LLC was created to connect America to Africa.


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